As a family business we have owned and maintained this estate for over 15 years actively investing and improving the grounds. This ranges from planting trees, fencing, ditching, hedge pleaching and of course inviting the public to come and share the space. Passionate about conserving its authenticity and magic, we are committed to continuing to make sustainable decisions which support both the environment and eco-tourism.

Free EV charging

Holidays shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why we’ve installed FREE EV charging points (7Kw) for our guests only at all of our self-catering accommodation at Marrington. All you need is your cable then you then you simply park up on the drive and retreat to the comfort of your cottage while your vehicle recharges ready for your next adventure.

Our free charging points are proving super popular with guests. Did you know that around 20% of the UK population now owns an electric car but many worry about the ability to charge once they are on the road?

At Marrington Escapes these worries are far away thanks to our private EV charging points, meaning our guests are free to explore the Shropshire and Welsh countryside without the worries of recharging along the way.

Recycling and energy efficiency

• We operate a recycling programme at Marrington Escapes encouraging our guests to leave glass, cardboard and plastic in the bin provided so we can split and recycle.

• We remind customers with pleasant but informative signage in and around our properties to help us reduce energy wastage, turning off lights, turning down thermostats and careful water usage.

• We provide a small gifted pile of indigenous logs from the estate.

• Our laundry policy sees us asking guests to only strip beds that have been occupied and only towels that have been used. Our laundry uses non-bio products wherever appropriate.

• One of our properties has solar panels and underfloor heating with future properties planned to feature these energy saving appliances.

Land management

With over 500 acres of woodland, valleys and meadows where our guests can explore, we have a dedicated estate team who help us maintain the beauty of this natural landscape.

Our guests repeatedly tell us that our location is unmatched for its natural beauty be that sitting outside drinking in the views, wandering the many walks and trails along the valley floor and especially seeing the wildlife for whom Marrington is home. It may be a roe deer or tiny muntjac, butterflies and bees, pheasants and even an otter playing in the River Camlad which winds its way through the estate.

We are currently looking into new biodiverse initiatives to carry out within the estate.