On the 5th November each year, thousands of people from across the United Kingdom traditionally light bonfires, watch firework displays and light sparklers to celebrate Bonfire Night.

Whilst many enjoy traditional bonfire night celebrations, there is a growing trend in people exploring alternative ways to celebrate the night without the big bangs.

Firepit Fun

Each of our Marrington properties have its own outdoor fire pit, making for the perfect base for toasting marshmallows to make into the perfect s’more.

The mix of chocolate digestive and gooey marshmallow make for a fantastic bonfire night treat.


Silent Lights

Avoid the big bangs from fireworks this year, and enjoy light displays from fairy lights, glowsticks and sparklers.

It’s a great way to have fun with lights whilst remaining safe for young children and being pet friendly.

Alternatively, check your local town website for information on potential organised drone light shows or silent firework displays.

Food for the Soul

There is nothing better than warming, traditional food on a cold, crisp night. Why not spend time with the family making some delicious hotpots to enjoy?

Some ideas could be chilli con carne, American style hot dogs, stew and dumplings. We’re sure that your hard work cooking will be rewarded with the taste!

Hot Potato Game

A classic party game that is easy to prepare. With just a single potato, a group can gather around the fire to find out who will be left holding the ‘hot potato’!

Start the game with one person holding the potato, and start the music – throwing the potato from person to person and continue around the circle.

Whoever is left holding the hot potato when the music stops, is out. Continue playing until the last remaining player claims their victory.