Surrounded by countryside and working farmland, Shropshire is proud to celebrate its vast number of local food and drink producers. The county often hosts food festivals throughout the year, attracting visitors from miles around. If you’re looking to sample some of the best, here’s just a few of our foodie favourites from the best places to eat in Shropshire.


Shropshire is home to many cheeses with distinctive characteristics and centuries-old traditions. Established in 2005, Moyden’s Cheese has risen through Shropshire's cheese-ranks as an artisan cheesemaker. Moyden believes each Shropshire cheese has its own unique flavour and identity. In addition, the team name all their cheeses after special locations around the county.

Moyden's Cheese


Ottolive, a bakery located in Shrewsbury, has been delighting customers with their selection of classic breads, sourdough, and Viennoiserie pastries since 2016. All of their delicious creations are meticulously handcrafted using organic flour and cultured English butter, filling the market town of Shrewsbury with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked bread.



Name a chutney, and Shropshire has it. The award-winning Ludlow Farm Shop creates a vast range of different condiments from rich relishes and confits to traditional pickles and chutneys. Favourites include cheeseboard chutney, sweet onion balsamic confit and postman’s pickle. Located in the heart of Shropshire farmland, Ludlow Farm Shop boasts low food miles and lower carbon footprint thanks to their ‘buy local’ policy.

Ludlow Farm Shop

Pork Pie

Eley's of Ironbridge is famous for its award-winning pork pies, which they’ve been hand-making since the 1960s using a secret family recipe. Using the age-old method of hand raising, only the finest cuts of meat are used in these world-famous pies. Whether it's for weddings, celebrations, or simply to indulge in the true taste of Ironbridge, Eley's offers a range of personalised pork pies that are sure to satisfy any pie lover.

Eley's of Ironbridge


Based in Ludlow, The Olive Press has been providing the finest range of olives, oils and antipasti to Shropshire since 1996. Known for their distinct freshness and taste, it’s no surprise that only olives sourced from small groves in Greece and Crete and from the latest harvest are used. As an added bonus, the oils are unfiltered to retain their natural flavour and aroma, meaning they’re perfect for salad dressings and salsas.

The Olive Press