Get ready for summer! We’ve joined forces with our local suppliers to bring you the best summer drinks in Shropshire. Light and refreshing, each of these choices is bound to tickle your taste buds under the warm summer sun. Whether you prefer zesty gins, a crisp rosé or a sweet cider, we’ve got something to satisfy every taste.


Nadine from Kerry Vale Vineyard says…

“Customers are loving our Rare Hare Rosé. Medium/dry bodied and packed with strawberry, raspberry and summer fruit flavours and delicate soft floral notes on the palate, it's always a summer favourite. Made from our Rondo grapes, we named it after a piece of beautifully preserved Roman Samian pottery with a Hare motif that we found on the vineyard.

“Light and refreshing, it's perfect for a summer's day BBQ or just an afternoon tipple! Great paired with salads, fish, goats’ cheese and light pasta dishes or equally enjoyable without food. This delicious and versatile rose is a real people pleaser!”



Natalie from Ludlow Farm Shop says…

“If you’re looking for the perfect summer cider, Ludlow Farm Shop highly recommend Hare Moon! A fantastic tasting local cider from Oswestry using apple varieties such as Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey and more all of which are grown on organic land free of sprays and fertiliser.

“Hare Moon is named after the brown hare that lives in the orchard enjoying the shelter and windfalls the apple trees provide. So, sit back and relax in the sun with this delicious local cider.”


White wine

Robin from GlouGlou says…

“For summer drinking, I’d recommend Antonio Camillo, Vermentino. Antonio spent years working as winemaker for other producers in this very scenic part of coastal, southern Tuscany before venturing out on his own.

“He works hillside, organically farmed vineyards and uses minimal intervention in the winery to let the quality of the grapes he grows and the individuality of the place they were grown, the unique combination of soil and climate, shine through. Maremma’s climate has a strong influence from the nearby Mediterranean Sea and these wines reflect this with a certain minerality and almost saltiness which makes it oh so drinkable in the sun.”



Emma from The Shropshire Distillery says…

“We’d recommend Cherry and Pink Peppercorn Gin - nice, light, a touch of fruitiness and an undertone of warmth. Perfect for those summer months!

In our Cherry & Pink Peppercorn Gin, our core blend of botanicals is distilled with sour cherries and pink peppercorns, giving a fresh peppery, intensely aromatic character, complemented with a touch of fruitiness. We love it served with a natural tonic and a lime slice or as a French 75 Cocktail.”

The Shropshire Distillery

Sparkling wine

Caroline from Tanners Wines says…

“Tanners offers some great choices, including Tanners Cava; a superb, creamy, biscuity Cava with a lovely fine mousse and plenty of character. Made by the same method as in Champagne, it has style and finesse beyond its price. Pairs perfectly with nibbles and tapas!

“Alternatively, why not try Tanners Extra Réserve, Brut Champagne? With fruit, style and elegance, this champagne is produced for Tanners by a highly reputed champagne house, a group of small growers, each carefully tending small vineyards above Epernay in the heart of the Champagne region. A great champagne to serve if celebrations are in order and pairs well with canapés.”

Tanners Wines