Spooky season or not, Shropshire is known for being one of England’s most haunted counties. With ghosts, ghouls and phantoms rumoured to inhabit many of the old towns and villages – lots of sighting’s date back centuries, in line with its historic buildings.

Shrewsbury Prison

Boasting the title ‘second most haunted jail in the world, Shrewsbury Prison is filled with spooky stories.

Ghost tours run every Wednesday evening, all year round, offering visitors the chance to discover what lurks behind the high prison walls in the dead of the night.

At £25 per ticket, this exciting evening out is perfect for families looking for a thrill.


Ghost Tours of Shrewsbury Town

There are often ghost tours throughout the county, run by local historians or enthusiasts.

Martin Wood, Shrewsbury’s very own Town Crier leads ‘Haunted Shrewsbury’ ghost hunts from September through to March each year.

Whether you believe in ghosts, or are simply a history enthusiast looking for an interesting night out – Martin’s tours are both informative and an opportunity to explore a little more of Shrewsbury’s medieval market town, visiting places you may not have seen before.

Ludlow Castle

The grand Ludlow Castle, which was once home to Henry VIII’s older brother Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, is said to be haunted by Marion de la Bruere.

Once in love with a sworn enemy knight, she is rumoured to have haunted the castle since the late 12th century, when her lover, Arnold de Lys used the rope she left dangling from her bedroom window to gain access for his soldiers – who promptly took control of the castle.

When Marion realised the depth of Arnold’s betrayal, she slit his throat with his own sword before throwing herself from the Hanging Tower to the rocks below.


Seamstress of Powis Castle

The county of Powys is well known for its haunted happenings.

One particular story includes the hauntings of Powis Castle where in 1780, an elderly seamstress came to serve. The castle’s stewards granted her respite in one of the bedrooms – however, unbeknownst to the seamstress, it was supposedly haunted.

The seamstress is said to have been awoken by an ‘opulently dressed man, with a gold laced hat and waistcoat’, who had walked into her room on three separate occasions. On the third visit, she asked the aspiration what he wanted. In response the ghost led the her to a small room, from which he lifted a floorboard. Underneath, lay a locked casket.

Once the seamstress showed the Earl the casket, he was said to have been delighted, and rewarded the lady with a home and enough money to see out her remaining days in comfort. The spirit was never seen again, but tales of a lady in white haunting the castle persist.

Nobody knows what was in the casket.


Marrington Estate

Are their ghosts who reside on the Marrington Estate?

Nobody knows but who knows what you may discover. Find out for yourselves...