One of the last months of gentle pottering before the busy gardening season begins. Enjoy the first signs of Spring, with flowering bulbs, and wildlife awakening after hibernation. Jobs for the month include prepping pots, borders and vegetable beds ready for the height of spring time. Whilst the days grow longer, stay mindful of the cold weather and unexpected frosts.


Plant lilies and other summer flowering bulbs ready for the next season

Sow wildflower seeds in trays or modules ready for your own mini meadow

Finish pruning the last of your roses early in the month

Tidy up, mulch and fertilise your borders



Begin to hoe the vegetable beds with the start of warmer weather

Plant early potatoes in the prepared vegetable plot

Later in the month, sow parsnips to kickstart their long growing season

Be sure to cover the hardy outdoor sowlings such as spinach with fleece



Open up greenhouse vents on sunny days to prevent humidity building up

Protect your new sowlings from hungry mice

Start to sow tomatoes, chillies, sweet peppers and aubergines in indoor pots

Kickstart seedlings for celeriac, celery, lettuce and parsley in the greenhouse. Later in the season, these can be moved into vegetable beds.


Garden Care

Fuel up our feathered friends as they search for best materials for their nests ahead of the breeding season

Give your lawn a spring boost and mow on dry days

Protect new spring shoots from garden pests

Attract new wildlife with a water feature or pond

Check your tools are sound, and all garden equipment and furniture is in working order