The garden colour dial turns up a notch in May, where the sea of green blooms alongside vibrant oranges, magenta and blues. This month is centred around preparing for the floral fireworks of summer, and ensuring all the last-minute preparation works are complete on the Estate.

If you’re visiting the Marrington Estate in May, look out for the swathes of bluebells and ferns in the Dingle Valley. Remember to savour and enjoy this magical time of year.


Tie in the new shoots of climbing plants to their supports

Prune spring shrubs to keep them compact

Plant out summer bedding including sunflowers after the last frost



Earth up potatoes, and replant any that are still growing

Plant out courgettes, squash and other tender vegetables such as runner beans

Remove all strawberry runners, so plants put their full energy into fruiting



Start to harden off tender plants and bedding, ready for their move outside

Tie the stems of indoor tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines to canes as they grow


Garden Care

Check for nesting birds before clipping evergreen hedges

Repair any patches in the lawn with turf or grass seed