Got a big occasion to celebrate? If you are looking to pull out all the stops from the comfort of home, there is little better way to ensure the occasion goes off with a bang than hiring a private chef to serve up a feast of fine dining.

A private chef is different than your usual catering personnel, in the way that they often treat food preparation as a fine art. Their one objective is to take dining experiences to the next level, and challenge themselves to create beautiful flavour combinations within show-stopping dishes for guests to talk about for years to come. From creating a personalised menu with all of your favourite flavours, to ensuring that dishes are cooked to perfection – booking a private chef alleviates the responsibility of preparing food and allows you to let your hair down and enjoy the occasion with your loved ones.

Whether you often book private chefs to your functions, or are a first-timer looking to make this occasion extra special, we’ve compiled a guide to ensure that your celebration goes off without a hitch.


The first question most people ask when enquiring about a private chef is the cost of such an experience. The cost of hiring a private chef is often linked to the style of dining and type of food you desire for your experience. You can expect to pay less for more casual eating options, such a buffet style display or canapes, than a full sit down, silver service meal. Essentially, the greater preparation required for a private chef experience (think elaborate food displays), the greater the cost.

Benefits of Hiring A Private Chef

Hiring a private chef has the power to elevate your dining experience to sophisticated new heights. With the stress of cooking on the day alleviated, you can focus on all the other tasks in the lead up, whilst enjoying yourself on the day itself. Any guests with dietary requirements will also be catered for, with years of experience allowing the chef to prepare meals in several variations to ensure each guest experiences the same luxurious taste journeys. With delicious cuisine almost guaranteed, hiring a private chef is the perfect way to ensure that your event is remembered for all of the right reasons.

Hiring a Private Chef to Marrington Escapes

Our properties make great bases for a private chef experience, with their spacious kitchens and beautiful dining areas. If you are hosting a celebration, or just want to relieve the stress of cooking, there are a host of private chefs who are available to hire to the Marrington Estate. We’ve compiled a list of some of our local favourites below.


Charlie Everall
07976 475402
[email protected] |

Penny Cudmore
07817 284 863
[email protected] | @wildparsley_co (Instagram)

Tetras Hospitality
07917 354007
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Davina Daly
07527 570016
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Henrietta Hensher
07974 393594

Annabel Beamon (Twisted Lemon)
07974 393594[email protected]